Who We Are

Hello and welcome to the new homepage of Focus Supplements, a company that has emerged to provide cutting edge supplements that enhance the performance of the brain, uplift mood and/or alleviate anxiety. We are based out of London England and have bases in the US and Canada along with plans to expand to South America in the near future. We have established ebay storefronts in the UK and US and have a great track record among our customers. As stated earlier, we provide cognitive enhancing supplements that some people may know of as smart drugs or nootropics.

Why Should I Take Cognitive Enhancing Supplements?

Now, you might ask yourself, why should I take cognitive enhancing supplements or mood lifters? Well, as you might already know, the in-demand skills of the world that we live in is getting more and more centred on a person’s cognitive performance and mental endurance. Most of the high earners in today’s society are faced with pressures that would overload the minds of the average person. However, these high earners are able to handle the pressure with ease, often times with the help of nootropics. The term nootropics and smart drugs may be new but the use of natural and synthetic compounds to enhance cognition and mental performance has been around since ancient times. In fact, two very common examples of extremely popular nootropics that aren’t commonly considered nootropics are coffee and green tea. These cognitive enhancers have been used to boost the cognitive performance of people from all walks of life world wide for centuries. But these popular cognitive enhancers are not alone, we here at Focus Supplements offer a wide variety of synthetic and herbal nootropics, mood lifters and supplies that one needs to provide themselves the edge to get ahead of the pack.

Nootropics Are Cutting Edge

Nootropics are so cutting edge that the mainstream media has only just found out about them and their capabilities for cognitive enhancement. CNN has recently reported on the wide use of nootropics in the Silicon Valley by genius programmers, tech entrepreneurs and other IT and business specialized residents. These individuals use nootropics to give them an edge in a field known to be highly competitive and rewarding to those that push their limits. Further evidence of the rising popularity of nootropics is how more people are using the terms nootropics and smart drugs on various social media platforms, Google and other search engines. Google trends, a website/web application that tracks the use search terms such as “kobe bryant”, “Obama” and “nootropics”, shows a sharp increase in the use of the term “nootropics” after 2011, here is a link to the graph.

Sound Enticing?

Does enhancing the capabilities of your brain sound enticing to you? Do you think that your life can benefit from the smart use of powerful cognitive enhancers? Of course the answer is yes and Focus Supplements has what you need and want. We carry a wide assortment of nootropics and mood lifters ranging from herb based nootropics that have been used for hundreds of years to cutting edge synthetics that are making waves within the nootropics community. In addition, Like us on Facebook and join our large and growing community of nootropic enthusiasts, biohackers and like-minded people that want to maximize their potential in life. You should also sign up to our free newsletter for useful information and updates on the world of nootropics and for updates on promotions and weekly discounts. We will also be regularly posting blog posts regarding new products, events in the nootropics industry, tips on how to enhance your mental performance and more.

We leave you with this great quote,

For the one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be his greatest enemy

-Bhagavad-gita 6.6, Srila Prahupada