Maintenance, Measurement and More

Buying bulk powdered supplements is a great way to save money, but it’s a good idea to know a thing or two about how best to store, measure and ingest these substances if you’re planning to go that route. Some supplements like Alpha GPC, L-Theanine and Oxiracetam have a sweet or almost creamy flavour and would make a fine addition to morning coffee as a souped up version of the classic “cornerstone stack” of Caffeine and L-Theanine for calm, jitter free energy and focus.

How to Mask the Taste of Harsher Supplements

Most of the Racetams are notoriously foul tasting most especially the classic Piracetam and it’s altered versions in the form of Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam which offer not only a concentration of the potency of the original but a concentration of the harsh taste. Citric acid is a cheap way to mask the taste of a mixture of supplements, for supplements that don’t have the high dosage of piracetam dropping them in honey can be a solution for getting around the taste while still achieving the benefit of the supplement.

Regardless of the method you are choosing for maintenance, storage and ingestion, investing in several glass reagent bottles or jars would be a good idea. Choosing blue or amber glass will aid in assuring freshness by blocking down harmful UV rays that can cause degradation of the chemical compounds causing loss in potency and effectiveness. Another thing of paramount importance to consider is proper labelling. Once you’ve got your nootropics sealed either in pre-measured doses in small bags, or in bulk form getting one compound mixed up with another can be dangerous.

Invest in a decent milligram scale that’s accurate to at least +/- 3 milligrams. The dosage range for some nootropic supplements is as low as 10 milligrams, like in the case of noopept. Small scoopulas of various sizes with approximate measurements are also available but be aware that the weight for different compounds may be different so this isn’t always a perfectly accurate metric.

Long Term Storage of Nootropic Supplements

If you’re going to buy in bulk another good investment to make is some form of long term storage. Our heat seal aluminum foil bags are a great solution as they are pharmaceutical grade. A more expensive choice would be glass reagent jars of amber or blue colour. The coloured jars block out harmful UV rays that can degrade the chemicals and cause a loss in potency over time. To save time you could pre-measure doses for the week and store them in HDPE bottles or the foil pharma bag as opposed to daily opening and exposing your bulk supplements to the elements and potential hydration and oxidation. Silica gel packets are also a great idea for increasing shelf life on your investment. Cool, dark and dry is best for any long term storage so inside an airtight apothecary bottle in the refrigerator’s crisper is a good idea. Regardless of where you store it, adding several desiccant packets is always worthwhile.

Another way to save time and increase convenience is through encapsulating your supplements. Consumer grade products are available like Cap’M Quick and the Capsule Machine that are inexpensive and great for saving time and trouble as you can encapsulate all your supplements for easy storage. For those who wish to save the time and trouble of dealing with the raw supplement pre-bottled capsules is a great choice. Focus Supplements offers several of our products in encapsulated or tablet form such as 5-HTP, Alpha GPC, and AMP Citrate,