Hi guys,

Jack Baldwin here, founder of Focus Supplements. As you will know by now, the NPS Bill is in effect and has rendered selling the vast majority of Nootropics here in the UK unviable. This bill was aimed to stop the growing legal high industry and wasn’t targeted at Nootropics, however a cautious decision to remove these products was made by ourselves and other stores.

After reviewing The Forensic Strategy it appeared that Nootropics wouldn’t be deemed relevant for this law, due to the testing methodologies being aimed at targeting what the law ultimately intended to stamp out, however closure needs to be provided before any of these products can be sold with legitimacy and confidence. This is something which is currently being worked on.

Without said closure, it quickly became apparent many UK vendors followed suit and discontinued selling Racetams, Noopept, amongst other products. And with the majority of Nootropic stores being based in the UK, there became an urgent need to be able to serve customers in the European Union. These loyal customers could find themselves in a position where they could not reliably receive their favourite products without importing from the USA. Although there are some great US based vendors there are also issues with; shipping delays and costs, import duty and customs clearance.

The final piece of confirmation that something had to be done was an email survey asking EU based (excluding UK) customers if they would still buy from an alternative location assuming the products were the same, the result was an unanimous yes!

As a result of this, the solution had to be to create a EU based store to benefit from the free trade zone in place within the European Union. This was achieved by leveraging relationships and resources such as; relationships with suppliers, logistics, manufacturing and packaging/fulfilment we helped to oversee the creation of MyNootropics. MyNootropics carries a range of Nootropics with the intention to fill the void which was created by the exodus of UK suppliers on the 26th May.

We are not owners of this store, but we have monitored the processes to launch the store to ensure no stone was left unturned.

If you are looking to purchase Nootropics and are based outside of the UK, please visit www.mynootropics.eu where you will find a range of products. Please note, there are plans in place to increase the range available over the coming months.

Thank you for your time, patience and support throughout.

Best Wishes,

Jack Baldwin