If you are looking for a mood, focus and overall cognitive boost, seriously consider stacking Uridine with Alpha GPC.
Uridine, one of the building blocks to Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), synergizes extremely well with choline (found in Alpha GPC), which can lead to cognitive enhancement benefits far beyond what either supplement is capable of alone.
A Better Mood for a More Productive Day
If you are like most people, your mood correlates with your productivity. On days in when you feel up, you work harder. On days when you feel down, you tend to procrastinate more.
Both Uridine and Alpha GPC have beneficial effects to your dopamine levels, improving your mood and motivation to study for longer.
Uridine, the driving force behind the stack, modulates dopamine release and helps to create new dopamine receptors by activating the D1 and D2 receptor signaling cascade. This helps to stabilize “spikes” of dopamine that would otherwise “burn out” receptors.  Uridine has also been studied to boost motivation and the will to live in rats.
Alpha GPC also has multiple dopaminergic mechanisms, and has been studied to increase dopamine receptor density and concentrations in certain regions of the brain. It has also been studied to improve dopamine release from neurons.
Better Memory and Cognitive Function
A study conducted by the Massechusetts Institute of Technology found memory function benefits regarding a Choline, Uridine and DHA (found in fish oil) stack. By simulating the formation of new synaptic pathways in the brain, individuals who took the stack performed better on memory related tests.
Notably, Alpha GPC is a cholinergic which is 40% Choline by weight. By boosting the acetylcholine levels in the brain (a neurotransmitter responsible for an array of cognitive functions), studies have shown Alpha GPC to to improve focus, memory and learning. This study found improvements in learning and cognition after 2 hours from ingestion. As well as this, the PKC content in Alpha GPC has been found to improve short term and long-term memory formation and even work attentiveness.
Uridine is well suited to enhancing studying and learning thanks to its memory boosting effects. A precursor of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), large amounts of RNA is used during the storage of memories. A 12-week study found Uridine to improve spatial short term memory, recognition, recall, attention and executive functions. By boosting synaptic connections in the brain and improving neuroplasticity, Uridine works to increase cell membranes and further improve memory.
Together, the Uridine and Alpha GPC stack helps spur on the growth of neural tissue while ensuring the brain’s dendritic pathways are well linked, helping both mood and cognition.
How Much to Take
We recommend taking 125mg of Uridine and 125mg of Alpha GPC up to 3 times per day. The exact dose depends on the individual; the more you weigh, the more you should probably require. As always when using Nootropics, it is best to start at smaller dosages and work your way up.