If you are already taking CDP Choline… You’ve made a smart choice, and here’s why…

You take CDP Choline every day because you want to increase your learning rate and ability to form new memories, and to provide your brain with the raw-materials it needs to build and repair neurons. That’s exactly what it’s going to do for you.

But let me ask you a question….

Now that you’re going to get more done because your brain is being “fuelled” with the vital nutrient it needs to perform at a higher capacity (Choline), the next step is to amplify Choline’s learning and cognition benefits by taking advantage of one of the most powerful “stacks” discovered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by the renown Dr. Richard Wurtman.

How would you like to increase the rate of your neuron repair and creation by 45%, almost immediately notice an improvement in mental clarity and motivation, feel greater memory benefits compounding over time, and all by simply adding one more supplement to your regimen – quickly and easily?

We have another product called Uridine Monophosphate.

I don’t have time to go over everything inside of the product because we could be here for hours, but one of the key insights that will give you the results you’re looking for FAST is that each of our neurons (brain-cells) has an outer layer – called a cell membrane – which is made up of 3 components. These components are Choline, Uridine, and also DHA (found in Omega 3). By taking Uridine with CDP Choline, you’re effectively providing your brain with 2/3 of the materials it needs (take some Omega 3 too to get 3/3) to build and repair neurons. Serious bio-hackers know this – but most people don’t know this because these research materials don’t tend to be publicised much outside of the Longecity / nootropics communities.

Let me explain to you what Uridine Monophosphate is and how it will significantly improve your cognitive performance.

Power your brain with the fuel it needs to build brain-cells (neurons) by providing it with 2/3 of its core neuron cell membrane components (Choline and Uridine – the third being DHA – found in omega 3). This has a long-term compounding effect on your overall cognition. Every week your brain is able to produce more brain-cells, your ability to “think” improves as the electrical signals in your brain (thoughts) have more relay points to travel across your brain (this is what neurons do – they act as relay points, like telecommunication towers is a network).
Quickly remove your brain fog, which is indicated by low levels of Acetylcholine (corrected by CDP Choline and Uridine) allowing you to think through problems clearly and make the correct decisions on-the-spot.
Instantly feel more motivated to get-things-done with greater Dopamine production, the motivation neurotransmitter. Brain-scans at Vanderbilt University found that people with higher levels of Dopamine tended to be “go-getters” – you know, workaholics. At the same time, those with low levels of Dopamine were easily distracted and labelled “slackers”. If staying focused is something that you struggle with, and is something that could really help you achieve your business milestones – Uridine is often used by bio-hackers for its motivation/dopamine benefits.
Learn things more quickly and remember vital information at a faster rate thanks to your brain producing more Acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter. Uridine synergises with CDP Choline to amplify the production of Acetylcholine. Uridine has also been studied to increase the production of synaptic brain proteins, which have long been established to be crucial in forming long-term memories.
Optimise your brain’s structure for improved overall performance – Uridine promotes brain plasticity, which is the ability of our brains to change and optimise its structure by forming new connections between neurons. (Semmelweis University).
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll get with Uridine Monophosphate.

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to build an even stronger network of brain-cells to allow messages flow through your brain even faster – to think even faster when you need to make decisions on the spot – and to learn and remember new information and skills at a much faster rate?

Read all of the studies at our Uridine page right here – I’ve gathered 20 studies from Rugters University, MIT, Semmelweis University and others – all showing us how we can immediately improve our own mental clarity, motivation and overall cognition.

Regularly taking a Choline supplement like Alpha GPC or CDP Choline is CORE – by that I mean it’s a fundamental nutrient that really lays the building blocks out for your overall cognition.

Pretty much all bio-hackers take a Choline supplement every day, since it’s so essential to building brain-cells and producing Acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter.

So if you haven’t yet bought a Choline supplement, you are going to want to add one to your regimen before you begin to take Uridine.

The 2 most popular Choline supplements are CDP Choline and Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC contains more choline by weight, but CDP Choline also produces a bit of Uridine. Most people like to try both to see which they prefer – personally, I find CDP Choline gives me a bit more of a motivational “oomph” when I take it. I assume this is from the increased dopamine release.

Jon from Focus Supplements