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We really appreciate every one of our customers who have taken the time to write us a review, so thank you! Receiving your feedback helps us to continuously improve our supplements and customer service.

We ‘re so pleased to say that we now have over 1200 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. These reviews have all been collected via an email survey post-purchase.
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Great product, and UK based!
Stephen B.
5-HTP 8:1 Extract - 180 Tablets (400mg)
Great service
Speedy, well packaged
5-HTP 8:1 Extract - 180 Tablets (400mg)
Probably the best ever tried
I often use the 5-http. I think that this one worth the price for two reasons. The first Is that you can immediatelly purchase through Amazon platform and the second is that, at the end of the days, assure a three months treatment.
Luciano L.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Excellent price and has really helped to chill me out in these difficult times. Much better than I expected. Thank will buy again and try your other products
Peter A.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Works well so far
Lowers my stress level, using 2 or 3 tabs per day. I wanted something natural to deal with anxiety and depression. I had tried a smaller dose before but it wasn't as effective.
Jennifer P.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Pure product, helped anxiety
Helped to relieve anxiety, ideal for serotonin boost. Pure product with a standard extract ratio unlike other similar products that only use raw griffonia seed.
James M.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Nothing to say
Good product and good quality. I knew you this plant before for tine nice effect on the mood, this one seem to be nice. The only thing to say is that the packaging is oversized
Guillaume D.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Buen producto, relajante y ayuda a dormir
El producto ayuda a relajarse, a dormir y a ser más positivo. Por ello me parece un buen producto y yo recomiendaría su uso. Le doy una calificación de 5 estrellas.
Omar M.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Started taking these to help with stress and anxiety and can genuinely tell a difference in the way I feel since taking these! Also I have noticed a big difference in my sleep quality and I no longer feel unrefreshed in the morning.
Charlotte W.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Excellent product! 5*
Was sceptical about this CBD Product for my knee pain and stiffness post leg break, however this is an Excellent product and helped restore my strength and mobility with with the help of physical therapy to get me get back in the gym and on the football pitch again! Will be purchasing again! Thanks Focus!:)
Rhys D.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
I bought this to help my son who has been suffering with a few symptoms which point to a lack of seratonin. The tablets are easy to take and he is already noticing an improvement after only a few days.
Sue H.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Excellent product
I take these at night to help me sleep. I purchased this make as the company I usually use were out of stock. These tablets seem to work better than my previous ones and I will definitely buy again.
Nicolette B.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Strong stuff!
I take one tablet of this about every other day before bed. The first time I took this it was REALLY strong, I felt "knocked out" within minutes. After that initial hit, however, the potency seemed to have worn off but still effective enough to help me go into a deep state of sleep.
Kate L.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Great Value For Money and High Quality Product
I felt a little on the down side and decided to give it a go, very pleased with the outcome. I can highly recommend the product and the customer service. Higher dose comparing to other sellers.
Arkadiusz K.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
New customer
I received this product today but have seen positive reviews from other customers. I am hoping it will prove beneficial to me in my current situation. I feel it covers all bases that will have a positive impact on my life
Susan T.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
This has helped to restore my sleep pattern and focus and feeling more normal then ever. Would recommend it’s changed my life and made me back to feeling healthy
mike d.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Helps with sleep and mood
I have been sleeping really well for three nights in a row now since starting to take these supplements and my mood has been calmer and more positive. It definitely seems to help for me - I have been just always opting to take one tablet each night in the evening just before i go to bed for a good night's sleep.
Matthew G.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
It helps me to stay asleep
I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night but these pills help me stay asleep until the next morning feeling active. that is all i can say about the product
Ab M.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Deep sleep
The supplements arrived in a couple of days from the UK. the product has drastically increased my deep and REM sleep which was very poor originally. i find my mood is far better throughout the day also and far more productive in work.
Thomas C.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Fantastic Product
This product has been fabulous at easing my anxiety during this troubling time. I have used 5-htp from other manufacturers but this is by far the best quality product of have purchased and will be purchasing again in the future
Tammy R.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Fantastic product, Highly recommend.
I recently purchased 5HTP after reading the studies on serotonin levels in the brain, I know of the link relating increased serotonin to improved brain function and aid in alleviating symptoms of some mental health conditions such as depression and have been more than satisfied that they have had some effect. Whilst i have experienced nausea when taking these tablets previously at lower doses (200mg), i have experienced none with focus supplements line at a higher dose (400mg). Highly recommend for anyone looking to alleviate symptoms of mental health.
Joshua B.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Great supplement as a part of a holistic healing
This truly helps with my insomnia that i had for over 2 months now. I sleep much better, quality improved and sleeping for longer. I also take L-Tyrosin with this product. My mood had improved greatly; not feeling so hopeless, my anxiety is not as strong and also much easier to deal with. Feeling much more calm, less dramatic mood swings, quieter mind, no panic attacks. It greatly helps with your biology so you are more able to do the internal work :)
Arleta L.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Excellent product
My counsellor told me about this product so i ordered it straight away, which is the best thing I've done as it's helped with my depression and anxiety.
Trevor T.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Arrived fast and easy to swallow! 100% recommend
I used to have trouble sleeping and after one day I instantly felt calm and fell asleep much faster:) I have a hard time dealing with my anxieties and this seems to really boost my mood and allow me to forget about the daily worries and stressed life brings.
Matty B.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Very Good
The product arrived in good time and in good shape. At a time of global pandemic, amazon were still able to deliver to my doorstep which was really useful. 5htp has a positive impact on my mental health and so grateful to have it delivered to my door.
Amber C.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
Helps me a lot
Im feeling well without taking antidepressants,i hope is a genuine extract, never tried tablets before. My serotonin levels are maintained well and hope will use it on future without getting back to benzodiazepines.
Bel S.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
I’m so sorry but I have just received the goods today, if it helps, I have purchased a few items from Focus supplements for myself and my Wife and have always found the products well price, the postage I found has always been next day.
James I.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
stefano b.
5-HTP (400mg) Tablets
I am very satisfied with this product.
5-HTP - 100mg Tablets, 200mg Capsules or Powder
Excellent for appetite suppression and sleep regulation!
5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin and melatonin in the CNS. This directly helps with elevating mood and regulating sleep. As a bonus 5-HTP is known to regulate appetite, reducing food intake by creating a sense of satiation from smaller amounts of food. I have experienced all of these benefits from taking this supplement - would highly recommend!
Thomas P.
5-HTP - 100mg Tablets, 200mg Capsules or Powder
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