Vitamin D3 & K2 Capsules

D3 4000IU & K2 100μg Capsules

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The sunshine vitamin! This supplement is a great way to ensure that you’re getting sufficient levels of D3 every day. We've combined it with Vitamin K2 to further enhance the health benefits.
  • Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Supports Healthy Bones & Teeth
  • Improves Mood

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What Is Vitamin D3 & K2?

Vitamin D and vitamin K are both essential vitamins for regulating the density and structure of our bones. They work together to keep our immune and cardiovascular system functioning at the highest level possible.
Both vitamin D and vitamin K are excellent daily health supplements — but they each work best when taken together, rather than on their own.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D comes in two main forms:
Vitamin D2 — ergocalciferol
Vitamin D3 — cholecalciferol
Both forms of the vitamin are important for regulating calcium metabolism, and supporting the health of the bones, immune system, and heart. However, research suggests the best form of vitamin D for supplementation is vitamin D3 — this is the same form of the vitamin naturally produced in the skin when exposed to UV light.
This important vitamin regulates calcium levels to support the formation and regeneration of bone tissue. It’s also essential for the production of lymphocytes that make up a large portion of our immune system.

Vitamin K2
Vitamin K also comes in two main forms:
Vitamin K1 — phylloquinone
Vitamin K2 — menaquinone
Vitamin K1 is most active in the liver, while K2 is active throughout the body — making it the ideal form of the supplement to support heart and bone health.
This vitamin works closely alongside vitamin D to protect the body from calcium buildup and improves the ability for vitamin D3 to maintain and build strong bones.

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At Focus Supplements we offer high quality supplements manufactured right here in the UK. We do not compromise on any aspect when it comes to quality control. Each of our supplements are crafted in ISO & GMP accredited facilities, under extremely strict procedures.

Clean Nutrition

We care about what goes into your body. Recently we have made a switch, in which 90% of our range will offer clean and natural fillers, such as brown rice flour, rice bran, rice hulls extract and rice concentrate (this is not available in all cases due to certain raw materials and their manufacturing capabilities).

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A percentage of your order goes to the Alzheimer’s Society. Improving cognitive health has always been at the core of our ethical values. This is why for every order we donate a percentage of the sale to the Alzheimer’s Society, providing much needed help to those with deteriorating cognitive health.