About Us

At Focus Supplements we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality supplements, to benefit both cognitive and overall health. We ensure this by using only the highest standards of manufacturing right here in the UK – all of our products are produced in facilities with ISO, GMP and SALSA accreditation.

Meet the Team

Chris Willoughby

Director & Co-Founder

Jack Baldwin

Director & Co-Founder

Danielly Anselmet

Advertising Manager


Chloe Radford

Customer Support & Marketing Specialist

David Sutton

Amazon Accounts Specialist & Software Developer

Will Clark

Amazon Accounts Specialist

Lauren Forshew

Amazon Accounts Specialist

Theo Dimitrov

Amazon Accounts Specialist

Chris Jones

Graphic Designer

Owain Davies

Graphic Designer

Our Story...

The Beginning
Jack and I graduated from our respective universities, looking to pursue a joint venture and experience the rollercoaster ride that so often comes with entrepreneurship - I have to say, after endless hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, we weren’t left disappointed! We both had a keen eye for business and had always been relatively active in sports, with a passion for health and nutrition. Nevertheless it was cognitive supplements in particular that immediately caught our eye. These were something we had become aware of during our time at university. Cognitive health, or more so the decline in cognitive health is something that has affected us both on a personal level. With mental health concerns on the rise and people striving to achieve at such high levels, in this forever changing, fast paced world; we saw an opportunity, and so our journey began.
Online Store
Focus Supplements was born as a simple eBay store, supplying high quality nootropics and supplements. Upon receiving an incredible amount of demand and great customer feedback we then developed our website in 2015 with great success. However, it was not long before this very quick taste of success came crashing down.
Downward Turn
In May 2016, the Psychoactive Substance Act rendered over half of our supplement range illegal for sale. They were caught under an umbrella ban, targeted at stopping the sale of legal highs (something nootropics have no affiliation with). We fought long and hard with our local MP to have the legislation reviewed and amended, in the hope to save businesses such as our own. To begin with we had some success with Focus Supplements even being mentioned in the parliamentary debates that took place in the House of Commons. We had some backing by several MPs; however, red tape prevented any changes from being made.
From here we really did hit rock bottom, with both Jack and I having to work other jobs during the day and spend our evenings trying to rebuild Focus Supplements. Over the following year we replaced our product range with alternative nootropics and health supplements. We then began to sell on Amazon, learning everything there is to know about the platform, in order for it to become a success. Finally we were getting somewhere...
Present Day
Fast forward several years of hard work, late nights, blood, sweat and tears and it brings us to today. We now have several full time team members and many freelancers that we work with on a daily basis. We have a fantastic customer base (for whom we are forever grateful) and provide high quality supplements all over the world. We even help others create their own supplement brands - something we are very passionate about; stemming from our rocky, but ever so rewarding relationship with entrepreneurship.

Where we are today is a credit to the resilience and hard work of our team. Thankfully, we’re proud to say that we are now in the luxurious position in which we can also begin to give back. With cognitive health issues so prevalent in today’s society, we now donate a portion of every sale to the Alzheimer’s Society.

If you wish to find out more regarding our store, our story, nootropics or supplements in general, or even just for a chat, simply email us at support@focussupplements.co.uk or email me directly at chris@focussupplements.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Willoughby
Co-Founder of Focus Supplements